RSA and Autonomy

Just wanted to share with everyone. I learned that the OEM agreement that I mentioned earlier between Autonomy and EMC is for the RSA product line and not Documentum. There had been a slight discussion going on in my previous post on the topic that Autonomy wasn’t destined for Content Server. Now we know.

So it seems that Search is still on the same path. Upgraded FAST and an option for Lucene in D6.5. This should also lead to more plug-in architecture for Search engines in the future. It also means that we need to watch Microsoft more closely once they close the deal in Q2.

The folks at Brilliant Leap! and Lee Smith had some interesting thoughts (Read in that order). However, with the information regarding RSA, it spins it a little straighter.

3 thoughts on “RSA and Autonomy

  1. Ah…good to know. I also became a bit confused since the press release came the day after. Another interesting thing to note is that there are no FAST Plug-in for ECI. That means it is not so easy to connect an external FAST ESP installation into ECI. There are however connectors for Autonomy 🙂


  2. leecsmith says:

    Interesting as this is not the steer I had received from EMC the day after the news broke. This though is more likely to do with the fact that the news broke and the full story was not propagated down. I’ll be asking more.


  3. Lee, check your sources again and let us know. It is possible that RSA drove the initial agreement and that the Content Server folks want to tag along. That isn’t what I heard, but my information could readily be “party line” facts.


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