D6 Observations, Part I

This is a first of a sequence of posts of things that I notice as I downloaded the new release last night.

  • Time to stop putting off those upgrades. D6 doesn’t support SQL Server 2000 any more. Your development boxes need to be upgraded as well since Windows 2000 is officially on the scrap pile. In general, not a lot of supported platforms. Upgrading your Content Server to 5.3 sp5 as an intermediate step in order to upgrade all your 3rd party components may have just gone from being a good idea to a required step.
  • Content Server still C++ has for the application. Fabian was correct. The DMCL API, the old C++ foundation for all applications, is now part of the Java DFC. A copy of the DMCL will still be provided for legacy support, but no new features are to be provided.

  • I had to download three Hot fixes from the download site. I am glad that they are making fixes available quickly. I imagine that they weren’t made as part of the main release from a configuration management perspective.
    • Webtop has an updated XFormsCommon.jar file for bug 145067
    • Web Publisher had one for Oracle 10g Application Server deployments
    • Process Builder (the previously named Business Process Manager) has a fix for bug 145355
  • All the Web Applications are now one WAR file download and have Deployment Guides, not Installation Guides. This is consistent with the removal of the C++ libraries for the DFC.
  • Web Publisher and Digital Asset Manager both come with new Rich Media and Transformation Web Applications. This seems to be a realization that the synergy between the two products is very strong and where you see WCM, you will likely see some DAM.
  • Digital Asset Manager has an Intellectual Property DocApp as well.
  • Where is Documentum Composer? What do we do while we wait for the Initial Deployment Program to complete? At least give us an update to Application Builder in the meantime.

6 thoughts on “D6 Observations, Part I

  1. Just to clarify, D6 Content Server only works with SQL Server 2005, but you can use D6 Webtop against 53 Content Server, which works with SQL Server 2000 SP4.


  2. True, but to quote the Release notes:

    Regardless of whether the Content Server version is 5.3, 5.3 SPx, or 6, WDK‑based applications require the presence of a Content Server 6 global registry repository in order to function properly.

    Which means you need SQL Server 2005 to create a D6 repository to hold the Content Server 6 global repository. This also lines-up with what Michael Murray was saying at EMC World.


  3. If you read the System 6 Migration guide, it states the following:

    “If you system uses only Webtop/custom DFC and/or custom WDK clients, you have the option of migrating the client applications first. These clients are compatible with 5.3 server. Some Documentum 6 features will be available. Other features will not be available until you complete the migration to Documentum 6.

    1. Upgrade teh application server and client browsers.
    2. Optionally, enable the global registry in a 5.3 repository in order to support Documentum 6 client features that require a global registy”

    My interpretation of this is that if you dont use global registry you wont get some features in D6 Webtop. Also, you can use 5.3 global repository to host D6 global registry. There seems to be a contradiction in the different manuals.


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