Updates and Upcoming Chaos

First, I wanted to let everyone know that I do occasionally update previously published tips. I do record on the Documentum Tips page when the last time each tip was either updated or was commented upon. I just updated my most recent tip, Contentless Objects as Lookups, Even Less than Content after one user suggested that I add some illustrations. It took a while as this is a “spare time” activity, but there are some tables now that show where the NULLS occur in the scenario.

Also, the next week or so is going to be thinner on posts. I’ve run out of pre-drafted posts and I am moving to a new house at the end of the week. This includes lots of packing, and the unfortunate demise of my home internet connection (and tv and home phone) for four days. As I am taking some time away from work, this actually means something. However, I’ll still be thinking and will most likely squeeze in a post or two over the next week. I have a couple rattling around in my head ready to write.

In the meantime, check the links to the right. They will satisfy your craving for the Word.