Fun with EMC Support Forum Titles

I was reading a post on the EMC Support Forums, and I started thinking about the amount of time the average responder has spent on the forums over the years. Every responder at this point (aside from myself) has “Grand Master” status on the Support forums. I started thinking about the status rankings and decided to list a more humorous interpretation of the rankings.

Points Forums Title What it Means/Quote
0 – 50 Participant Newbie/Noob/Fresh Meat
51 – 250 Enthusiast “Could you answer my question again using different words?”
251 – 750 Hot Shot A Wanna-Be
751 – 2000 Expert “Look at what I know!”
2,001 – 10,000 Master Bored at Work
10,001 – 50,000 Grand Master This person has no life
50,001 – 250,000 Super Grand Master Nobody has reached this point. One could argue that it is unreachable. Dead people (those with no life) have difficulty answering posts.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am only at the Enthusiast level. Of course my points were reset in June 2007, so I am more like an ascending Hot Shot or Expert. I may even take a few hours here or there to pull myself out of the Enthusiast level in the near future, once my next major release hits test.

I would like to also point out that I am friends with two of the four Grand Masters. They are good people and I know that they are more of an extended case of “Bored at Work”. I also believe that they have a good sense of humor. They need to be careful to not be sucked into the “race” to the top.

Kudos go out to Lani Hardage-Vergeer, an EMC employee who is a Technical Writer according to her profile. She is the fifth person by rank, listed as a Master. I think she outside of the humorous rankings as she is actually performing her job. Her job duties may not include working on the forums, but I think it is an admirable extra-effort contribution to EMC and the community.

To all of those not happy with my interpretation of your status, think about what you can do to fix it. If you are low, contribute to the community to pull yourself up to Hot Shot.

If you are Master or above, try the following:

  • If at work or on the road, take some of that time and start a blog. In Johnny‘s case, compose a new entry to your blog.
  • If at home, go spend time with your family. Read a good book. Re-connect with old friends. We miss you. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fun with EMC Support Forum Titles

  1. FabianLee says:

    Stop now? Are you kidding, my future self just traveled back in time to congratulate me on making super grand master in 2097!


  2. I was actually told that I spent too much time blogging. Alright, you got me, I havent put much effort into my blog lately. Have you seen my muse?


  3. Haven’t seen your muse. I have heard good things about your real life of late. We should all get together and have a few beverages and catch up.


  4. Shoeb Haque says:

    In the last year since I became “active” on the Forums, my interest with the blog has faltered but soon enough someone starts an interesting thread and I jump back in. Its intoxicating at times (hmm… maybe I need some time to myself).
    In my copius spare time, I try to decipher the points system so that one day I can crack into the forums engine and add 200,000 points for myself. Then I shall retire…..sorry Johnny 🙂


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