Yet Another Style Shift

I hate Microsoft. Actually, I find most people do on some level. For some people, it is on most levels. My reason of the day came when a nice reader told me how hard it was to read my blog. I got confused and then something hit me, IE. So I went to my IE browser that I keep to access systems written by Microsoft centric developers and SURPRISE! There was my center column all squished up. What looked lovely in Firefox, was horrible in IE. So I quickly picked a different generic CSS from WordPress that looked acceptable in both browsers. Now it looks like I have to take time to develop my own CSS so that I can get what I want without the dependence on others. So one more change is coming, but it will be the last, I hope.

Of course, this begs the question, why didn’t the first CSS developer test on IE? Doesn’t that make them as bad as Microsoft, just in reverse? Now back to your regular programming…

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Style Shift

  1. Ok. I figured it out. My widget with my picture was “thinking” too much so it interfered with the style. I tinkered with it and was able to come back to this style, which I really liked. Hopefully I am done with this and can focus on content.


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