And the Wait Continues….

I had previously mentioned that there were some things that I wasn’t fond of at the combined EMC World 2007. Many of which were annoyances and didn’t significantly impact my ability to get what I needed from the conference. We have a new development. On the EMC World website, they have stated that the presentations will not be available until June 12. To make matters worse, they will be accessible only on PowerLink and it will require the user to search for the presentations.

Let me put this into perspective for everyone. This is the website that took 6 months to get my contact information correct after they moved it from the old Documentum Support site, and I know some organizations that just gave up on that effort. The search has always been tricky at best, even when you “qualify” the search with their pull-down lists. Plus, now we are waiting almost 3 weeks after the end of the conference to get them, when the linkage between memory, notes, and slides will not be very strong. In prior years, I would start downloading presentations before I even flew home.

I took good notes in most sessions. I hope everyone else did. If not, keep track of blogs and EMC forums for explanations on your favorite topics. If you have one that you missed or need refreshing, ask me and if I know, I’ll answer.