First Thoughts on Momentum (aka EMC World) 2007

So, as I sit here awaiting one of the many over-priced rides back to the airport, I thought I would write-up my notes from the conference this year. Then I decided, why not blog it? Thus it begins…

Not going to rant on the obvious this year. If you went, you know. If you didn’t go, don’t worry about it. For all of its new-found flaws, Momentum is still the best place to go to find out what is going on and to get access to the Documentum product staff. This year proved no different.

The focus this year was on Documentum 6.0, or as it is affectionately known – D6, which is coming this summer. This was good and bad. I wanted to know more about it, but D6 was the focus at the last Momentum, so some of it was a repeat. D6 holds a lot of promise for the future of Documentum. Two of the largest changes coming are the complete replacement of the underlying binary libraries into Java and the introduction of a new level of abstraction on top of the DFC, the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS).

Of the two, the changing of the libraries is worrisome. My initial concern was performance, but they are now going to use an embedded version of BEA WebLogic 9.2 instead of Tomcat. This has apparently given them a 15-25% performance improvement over the current architecture. No problems. However, I worry about the replacement of the binaries from a quality perspective. Balagi, during his keynote stressed the importance of quality going forward. He admitted, implicitly, that they had rushed 5.3 out and that it had been a mistake. I have my doubts. Even if the statement on quality is 100% sincere, that is a lot of functionality to test in a lot of environments. We’ll know soon enough.

So why would I even begin looking at D6 before SP1? Check in soon and I’ll go into the highlights that make the changes worth while.

2 thoughts on “First Thoughts on Momentum (aka EMC World) 2007

  1. Pie says:

    Thanks for the comment and the visit. You are quite correct the Documentum Foundation Services session was part of the Software Developer Conference (SDC). However, DFS was discussed in quite a large number of sessions in both Momentum and SDC.
    Like many attendees, I went up and down the stairs frequently, picking the session from the two “conferences” that best meet my needs at the time. In this post, I just refer to the existence of DFS though, not to any details that Craig Randall presented in his presentation at the SDC, so I think it doesn’t really matter. However, I will make note when I do post regarding DFS details that I do not incorrectly credit Momentum.


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