The New Developer Network and ECM Design Patterns

It has been a while since my last real post.  It hasn’t been for lack of things to talk about, I’ve just been extremely busy.  I am still behind on things, but I can see the light and this is a topic that just won’t wait.

One of the things that I’ve set as a goal is to build a better, stronger community for Documentum experts.  This isn’t just for developers, or only a place to go to ask questions.  It is building a sense that we are all in this together.  For those that haven’t noticed, the EMC Developer Network recently went through the promised upgrade into a tool that will allow us to build that Documentum Community.

The New EDN

For a while now, we have been promised the next generation of the developer network.  Many of us have waited patiently.  We got to see glimpses in the EDN Labs.  Some of us were even able to test-drive the new EDN to provide feedback.  After a soft rollout, the new version is here!

Initial impressions are favorable.  They took time to listen to the garnered feedback to add several user enhancements that make it easier to contribute content.  Several of my comments are in there.  Wikis pages (documents) can be created and collaborated on between members.  All items can be tagged and rated.  This should allow us, the community, to make it easier to find content that is important for us to do our job.

Go and check it out.  Registration is free.  It is still evolving, so don’t worry if there is something you aren’t fond of in the site.  If you don’t like it, provide feedback.  The gang behind the scenes is always willing to listen to, and work with, community members to make changes for the benefit of all.

Building Design Patterns

Now that we have a place, it is time to start building-out some Design Patterns.  This effort was started back on the old site, but it was limited to simple discussions and there was no real template for how to put them together.  Now there is…

I have created a landing page that describes what we are trying to accomplish.  It also lists a couple of problems that we are beginning to address.  We are starting with the two solution groups already initially addressed in the old site.  This will provide a nice, quick focus area.  The areas are:

I’ve already started, but it is up to YOU to finish the job.  I may have a lot of experience and know a bunch, but I don’t know everything.  There are situations that I haven’t encountered that will impact what we have started to put together.  There may be other patterns, or some details to a listed pattern, that only you may know.  Share it with everyone so that we can all become better.

This means you JohnnyLee, if you are too busy, find some team members that aren’t.  John, Sumanth, and Ajith, let’s see some activity.  Mr. Roth, not having a blog doesn’t spare you from being called out.  Let us not forget a little help from the product people themselves (this means you Craig).

By documenting the Design Patterns, we can become a more disciplined community, which will lead to more successful projects.  More successful ECM projects leads to more projects overall as people begin to perceive the decreased risk a disciplined approach can bring to a project.  That means more money and job security.

So what are you waiting for?  This is your digitally engraved invitation.  Let’s get to work.

8 thoughts on “The New Developer Network and ECM Design Patterns

  1. Hey Pie..
    Thanks for noticing .. you are one among the few people who had inspired me to start my blog .. I feel I am a kid in front of Documentum Guru’s like you and Johnee..
    I really appreciate that you acknowledge the beginners like me and really welcome your feedbacks…


  2. Thanks for the DP submissions. I’m reading Emergent Design, which talks about software engineering as becoming a profession, where patterns are a significant part of our profession’s language.

    I’m already “in” EDN (i.e. content posted, discussions going, etc), and I’m also glad to see the new community focus enabled by better infrastructure. Ultimately, though, its the people that make or break any community; so, your call to action is an important call.


  3. Ajith, you aren’t a beginner, trust me. You have some good insights and you should make sure to share them on EDN, as well as continuing to blog.

    As Craig points out, this will only be a success if everyone participates.



  4. Laurence,

    Thanks for the plug for EDN. Things are certainly changing, and we expect for the better.

    We finally have a platform where developers can easily collaborate, share best practices, and solve common problems. The key here is that now all EDN members are publishers. Have something to say? Go ahead and post a document or discussion thread.

    The ECM Design Patterns are a perfect venue for people to share their opinions with the rest of the world. The subject matter expertise that exists in the Documentum community s incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves, and how many (former) lurkers take this as an opportunity to speak up.

    A couple of housekeeping notes:
    The new URL for the EDN Documentum developer community is:

    The old forums have been put into ReadOnly mode, and new discussions are taking place in the new community.

    Alan Z.


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