EMC World 2009: Documentum Performance, Scalability, and Sizing, Part 2

This is the second of two sessions by Ed Bueche. His sessions are must-attends.  His sessions last year, part one and part two, are useful references, but as always, this year’s information takes precedence. Be sure to read the first session notes.

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EMC World 2009: Documentum ECM 6.5 Architecture Overview

Victor Spivak, chief architect for the platform, is presenting on what is the most popular topic post from last year. Victor is smart and doesn’t mince words.  The session was mostly packed 15 minutes before it even started.

Victor is going to breeze through many of the things that haven’t changed in a year, so supplement these notes with last year’s notes.  These notes are “more accurate” if they conflict.

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Documentum and the Search for Search

Those of you that follow Documentum’s products know that search has been a bug-a-boo the last few years. When 5.3 was rolled-out, there was much promised around faster search.  It is here, but at a price.  Additional hardware is needed and the version of FAST used by Documentum isn’t VMWare safe. To be fair, dedicating a server to search is part of the reason we have better performance, but it hasn’t been the panacea that we wanted.

In 7.0, we are looking at the prospect of Lucene support for the more plug-and-play repositories, while the larger ones will still be able to leverage a larger, multi-node, FAST installation. (Works great! Seriously, I mean it.)  This is fine, but supporting two search engines, neither of which you actually own, is an issue for any vendor.

So what is the solution? Last week I read an article speculating on the prospect of EMC looking for a search company to add to their portfolio. Now the article was pure speculation, but that is what makes it fun.  Let’s see if it makes sense and who could EMC acquire.

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EMC World 2008: Documentum 6.5 Architecture Overview

Time for an update on the architecture. Victor Spivak is presenting. He knows his stuff, so hopefully it’ll be a good one. I know waaay too many people in this room. I’ll never get to say hello to all of them. This is by far the most crowded session.

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