Doquent’s “New in D6 Platform” Series

In case you’ve missed it, at the Content Management etc. blog, there are a series of entries talking about changes to the D6 platform. They are fairly thorough and should help show-off some of the new features.

  • LDAP Integration Enhancements: This describes a feature that I have been waiting for since I heard about it last fall. I plan to use it for Documentum User Names and Default Folder assignments. The failover to a second LDAP server is a pleasant surprise.
  • Property Bag: This is a good explanation, but doesn’t go into why properties would be placed into a Property Bag, aside from performance aspects. I can see some uses, but I would have to work with it some to determine optimal uses.
  • Aspects: I’ve talked about this as one of the most anticipated parts of D6. Aspects has been used in previous versions, but is now opened up to everyone else. I can’t wait to actually get a chance to use these things in the wild.

Going to keep my eye out for more. Hopefully I’ll be adding to these posts soon.

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